Spectra Group Limited

In over 20 years of its existence Spectra Group Limited, Inc. became dedicated to be a creative and inventive force in the field of Photochemistry, Radiation Cure Industry and Organic Synthetic Chemistry. As UV/Visible light Technology Enablers Spectra Group has the expertise and the resources to help make your products “Come to Light” in the shortest time possible.


Mission Statement

Spectra Group began with a simple idea; that organic chemistry students have trouble visualizing differences in 3 dimensions. And though our business objectives have changed, and continue to evolve, we still view ourselves as a photopolymer and photo polymerization company. We have learned that we can provide the solutions to our customer's rapid cure problems.

Spectra Group Ltd., is a full services photochemical products company. Our goal is to be your photochemical sciences partner.

Our mission is:

  • To be objective in our evaluations of customer opportunities
  • To think “outside the box” and provide the solution which tailor fits the challenge
  • To be good partners before, during and after relationships with customers
  • To provide efficient, careful service
  • To price our services reasonably

Business Interests

  • Research and manufacturing of formulated photocurable products
  • UV/visible light photopolymerization
  • Contract Research & Development – from product imagining and concept to reality
  • Unique line of UV/visible photoinitiators
  • Color Change additives and related products
  • Organic Synthetic Chemistry


  • Numerous full-time Ph.D. Chemists on staff
  • Well equipped synthetic organic laboratory and analytical facilities
  • Consistent batch formulating from research to pilot to full-scale manufacturing
  • Various active patents and patent applications portfolio (US and World)
  • Member of RadTech, The Trade Association for UV/EBTechnology www.radtech.org


For additional information or to order, please call us at (419) 837-9783 or
e-mail us at info@sglinc.com