Color-On-Demand Technology

Color brings vibrancy to life, and the more color your products display, the moreyour sales will be enhanced. At times, presence, formation or disappearance of color is a functional feature of the product. For years now Spectra Group specializes in PHOTOCHROMIC color changes, when color effects are brought on by interaction of light with matter. 



Our additives can be added to the variety of matrices. These additives,as well as fully developed liquid or coated/printed products can provide the variety of colors and duality of change (both formation and disappearance). Light induced color change can happen AFTER the product has taken its final shape or DURING the process. Spectra Group's 'Color On Demand' has a series of fully developed products for sale, however, we are willing to customize for your particular needs and conduct joint Research & Development if needed. Please contact us for test samples, collaborative R&D, or to purchase any of our SPECTRACOLOR product line.

• Large bank of proprietary knowledge of color change and photochromism. A number of US and international patents on the technology.

• Photoinduced COLOR CHANGE EFFECTS in coatings, inks, adhesives and plastics

• Differentiation by Type of the available product, Color Change Scheme or Matrix of Use choice

• Varying degree of color change PERMANENCY from completely IRREVERSIBLE to LONG PERIOD FADEOUT (weeks/days) to standard FAST-FORMING/FAST-REVERSING photochromics

• COLOR CHANGE response to various UV and visible light sources (including office and daylight fluorescent lamps), as well as sun exposure• Product tailoring to the specific application

Some of the potential applications include:

o Application verification

o Exposure/Cure verification

o Packaging effects, customization

o Promotion and advertising

o Security

o Game pieces

o Demonstrations, science kits

o Screen printing

o UV/Visible light/Electron Beam/-ray dose measurement

• Joint Research & Development Projects to introduce Color-on-Demand capabilities are possible and encouraged. Confidentiality ensured


Download a complete SPECTRACOLOR Catalog (PDF format) for more information on our products.


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