Analytical Services

Spectra's scientists offer a wide variety of analytical services on a consulting basis.
These included general spectroscopy and chromatography.


Spectroscopy and Chromatography

  • Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy, GC/MS (Shimadzu QP-2010 SE)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, NMR spectroscopy (1H, 13C, 11B, 19F; Varian 200, 400 and 600 MHz; 600 MHz with a cryogenic probe)
  • UV Absorption spectroscopy (Varian Cary 50)
  • Fourier Transform IR Absorption, FT-IR spectroscopy (Shimadzu IRAffinity-1 with a Diamond Miracle ATR module)
  • Brookfield viscometers (DV-I+, CAP 2000+)

SGL offers consulting and cure monitoring services for your quality control and research needs. SGL has pioneered the commercial development of patented fluorescence technology for monitoring properties of coatings and other polymers. This fluorescence ratio technique is a reliable and simple method for monitoring degree of cure or other properties such as solvent rub or micro-hardness. It can also be used to monitor thickness or coat-weight. It is useful for quality control and assurance of both resins and finished products.

Cure Monitor Services

  • Help Monitoring Degree of Cure of Coatings, Films or Adhesives
  • Monitor Thickness
  • Correlate to Coating Property including Solvent Rub and Hardness
  • Fast - 20 Millisecond Measurement Possible
  • Non-destructive Technique
  • Adaptable to On-Line Monitoring


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