Custom Formulated Products

Download Custom Formulated Photo Products - Spectra's leadership has an aggregate 100 + years in the fields of photochemistry, photo polymerization, imaging and related product positions. Our scientists are skilled at formulating unique photoproducts. A number of specialty light curable formulated products have been developed by Spectra scientists to meet the needs of a variety of industries. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on projects that fit voids in your product lines and coincide with our areas of expertise. Customer service is an integral part of the formulation/product development equation.


Custom Formulation/Product Development Services

  • Key area of business growth for Spectra Group
  • Unique, value-added, niche applications
  • Development of new photocurable solutions for applications where one previously did not exist
  • Improvement of existing photocurable products and manufacturing efficiencies
  • Improvement of quality control and batch to batch consistency
  • A number of existing off-the-shelf products available (coatings, adhesives, specialty photopolymers)
  • Development of new custom products is performed on a contractual confidential basis
    • Collaborative formulation/product targets and specifications are agreed upon.
    • Properties and tests/measurements necessary to achieve such formulation objectives are highlighted. 
    • Intellectual property rights are subject to negotiation.
    • Spectra Group’s goal is to develop and supply the new formulation product to the prospective customers on the exclusive basis.

For a more comprehensive overview please download our SGL Custom Formulation brochure


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