Spectra Group has been involved in a number of developments for various specialty adhesives Just about all adhesives manufactured at Spectra are unique optimized specialty use products. Most of these adhesives are light curable products, but we have also developed a series of solvent based adhesives for plastics and offer a pair of structural 2-part epoxy-amine adhesives.




• UV curable general use adhesives for plastics (polycarbonate, acrylic)
Download Spectratite 3175 Technical Datasheet

• UV curable Polypropylene-to-polypropylene (corona treated substrates), customizable viscosity for online coating, good initial strength, lasting adhesion
• Can be made weatherable
Download Spectratite PP Series Technical Datasheet

• Visible light (> 400 nm) cationically curable epoxy-based adhesives for glass and plastic

• Solvent based Laminating Adhesives for plastics
1 component Download Spectratite A3 Technical Datasheet
2 component Download Spectratite A5 Technical Datasheet

Metal (aluminum, aircraft substrates) 

• 2-part epoxy-amine curative adhesives
• Fast curing structural shim for properly prepared aluminum, room or elevated T cure, high compressive strength and superb solvent resistance
Download Spectratite 121, 183, 121-LV Technical Data Sheet

• Fast curing structural primer for properly prepared aluminum, high service temperature, room or elevated T cure, maintains significant lap shear and peel strength at service T > 82oC
Download Spectratite 211 Technical Data Sheet


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