Marine, corrosion resistant repair paint

Spectra visible light curable paints (US patent 6,211,262) were first installed on the US Submarines Henry Jackson and Alabama in the port of Seattle in 1998. The pictures below show some of the results after years in service. The repaint ballast tank areas, once the surface was prepared, took less than 30 minutes to paint and cure to dryness!



Corrosion costs the US Navy billions each year and more than 70% of a Navy sailor's time is spent painting and cleaning their ships. Every ocean going vessel must be repainted every few years. Navy submarines experience the harshest environments; their ballast tanks are continuously being filled and drained of ocean water. Repaints are required in a closed environment every few years. Because these repairs are 'on-ship', time is of essence and odors must be kept to a minimum.

UV/Visible Light Curable Corrosion Resistant Paints

  • Originally developed as a part of a US Navy SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) for submarine ballast tanks wall paint repair
  • Fast cure times (minutes)
  • 100 % solids, VOC free paints
  • Acrylate based, contains corrosion resistant fillers, free radical curing mechanism
  • Good adhesion to metal (surface needs to be properly prepared), some pretreatments further improve adhesion
  • Original US Navy requirement – no UV light on board
  • Original visible light curable coatings were made using pulsed Xenon light source, rapid cure of 5-7 mil thick highly filled coating was achieved in 40sec – 1 min, 2 coats are applied for repair
  • With the advent of LED coatings can be cured with LEDs to reduce light source size and weight
  • One-part system
  • No temperature, humidity dependence during cure


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