Photopolymer research, development of custom-fit photoinitiator blends and full photopolymer formulations for various applications are some of the most active areas of current work at Spectra Group. Due to a number of confidentiality, research and supply agreements with our customers we are unable to share the details for either our R&D or commercial work. However, if you or your customers need assistance in formulating a photopolymer mixture, from start to finish, from concept to commercial sourcing and supply, Spectra Group is looking forward to becoming your partner. We will protect your confidentiality as well as we do it for others.

Download Light Castable Mounting Resin G5 Datasheet


Photopolymers for Sacrificial (Lost) Wax Casting

The target of photopolymer work at Spectra Group is to provide customers with SPECIFIC CUSTOM FORMULATIONS, responding to the PROPERTY REQUIREMENT LIST provided at the outset of the project. The idea is to offer you a system, a liquid resin AND a suggestion of what light source to use, for this polymer precursor to convert into a solid object with the desired set of properties after necessary light exposure is complete.
Some of the properties we were able to engineer for our customers are:
• Liquid resin viscosity manipulation to meet the needs of the desired process (including ink-jet amenable viscosities at elevated temperatures)
• Tack improvement in cured solid
• Cured solid surface slip and tape release
• Solvent and fluid resistance
• Thermal degradation to meet desired targets
• Durometer manipulation, both low and high
• Minimization of dimensional changes upon solidification, i.e. cure accuracy
• Color options incorporation: transparency and clarity, desired color gamut, photochromic colors of both permanent and reversible variety
One example we are able to share is our success in formulating liquid resin materials used for further slicing and microscopy investigations. The process of immersion of an object in such liquid resin with subsequent fixing of an object inside a solidifying resin plug is called metallography embedment. Spectra Group resins enable the embedment process to proceed photochemically on the fast-turnaround basis and do not generate heat during solidification, preserving the heat sensitive nature of many materials subject to microscopy.

Photopolymers for Metallography Embedment 

• For encapsulating brittle and/or heat sensitive specimens
• One component material – no mixing or catalyst addition is required
• Fast (minutes) curing after the resin is activated by UV/visible light
• Clear fast curing thick layers independent of volume of mount, thermal mass of specimen, specimen material, ambient temperature or relative humidity
• High eventual Shore D hardness
• Low to moderate shrinkage
• Relatively low exotherms
• Can be made opaque with fillers, if necessary, which will reduce shrinkage
• Improved adhesion to metals due to adhesion promotion technology
• Mild odor
• Can be utilized for single or multiple layer casting
• Download Light Castable Mounting Resin G5 Datasheet


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