Spectra Group Fine Organic Chemicals

In its fine organic chemicals division Spectra Group Limited, Inc. offers both custom synthetic products and contract R&D. The company has hands-on experience and expertise in organic and physical organic chemistry. Spectra Group maintains a fully modern facility with instrumentation capabilities which allow us to perform R&D synthesis as well as large scale manufacturing on a fast turnaround basis. We offer nearly 2,000 individual compounds for sale from our existing catalog.


Mission Statement of Spectra Group Organic Chemicals:

  • Strive to be your fine chemical and organic synthesis partner
  • Offer both top quality chemical development services and chemical products at an affordable price
  • Maintain exceptional purity/quality
  • Deliver orders with no or short lead time 
  • Maintain a large inventory of synthetic product items
  • Manufacture products in our Millbury, OH facility
  • Provide worldwide shipping
  • Convert original small scale purchases into ongoing large scale long term supply
  • Maintain extremely competitive prices
  • Make our product catalog available by posting on ChemCats Scifinder, ACD and other databases
  • Offers custom synthesis for products not currently on the list


For additional information or to order, please call us at (419) 837-9783 or
e-mail us at info@sglinc.com