Synthetic Chemical Services and Capabilities

Your synthetic needs will be met by experts working in Spectra Group facilities. Call us when the opportunities for synthesis arise or you are in search for an organic compound of a certain structure.



Spectra Group’s team of Ph.D. synthetic chemists with hands-on experience in organic synthetic and physical organic chemistry has full access to state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation including:

  • GC/MS, NMR, IR, UV-vis and elemental analysis
  • All analytical spectroscopic techniques – fluorescence and phosphorescence spectrometries
  • Spectra has collaborative agreements with the University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University for use of some of their analytical facilities. Some Spectra analytical services are available on a contract basis.
  • In addition, our team uses the most current information and documentation with access to:
  • Major chemical databases - Beilstein and SciFinder
  • American Chemical Society chemical literature
  • Complete library access 

These modern equipment and instrumentation capabilities support Spectra Group’s research & development efforts, as well as large scale manufacturing.

  • One-step or multi-step synthesis up to 50 L per loading for a variety of compounds
  • Low temperature synthesis at – 78°C
  • Reaction methodology/optimization – to determine best conditions (catalyst, solvent, thermal regime, etc.) for a known reaction
  • Scale up recommendations - using optimization techniques to make recommendations before transfer to a toll manufacturer
  • Toll production – using either the customer or our own optimized conditions
  • Mechanism studies as required


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