Custom Work

Spectra organic chemists are available to work on, and develop custom syntheses no matter how small. Based on the preparation of a careful estimate for services to be rendered, our Ph. D.'s are next able to carry syntheses through to 50 kg or larger at our site. Larger manufacturing requirements can be fulfilled through unique toll relationships with several American toll houses.



Case Study #1

  • Submitted proposal for Phase I for conductive polymer synthesis methodology improvement on small (grams) scale
  • Methodology developed in 6 months
  • After successful Phase I realization, submitted proposal for Phase II to supply conductive polymer to a US Navy research team on a scale of Xkg/time period
  • Phase II lasted for 2 years

Case Study #2
Private Client

  • Five-step synthesis compound was sold in small (few gr) quantities from the existing catalog
  • Small scale purchases accelerated up to 100 gr
  • Purchase order was accepted to deliver the compound on 1, 5 and, finally, 25 kg scale in a short turnaround time
  • Synthetic methodology was changed to adapt to large scale production
  • Leadtime was met for large pilot scale manufacturing enabling customer’s trials using Spectra Group’s molecular building block


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