For your convenience FULL CATALOG of ORGANIC SYNTHETIC OFFERINGS at Spectra Group is split in compound classes. If you know the structure or the class of materials you are looking for specifically, please browse below. In addition to various molecular building blocks, precursors and intermediates, we also make photo initiators, co-initiators, energy transfer donors, peroxides, benzophenones, xanthenes, fluorones, borates, cyanine borates and many other small molecule compounds found in photochemical preparations. All of our production is done in Ohio at our Millbury facilities with shipping provided worldwide. If you need that doesn't show on our catalogs, call us or email us and your project may be handled on an individual basis. Our pricing is fair, out skills extraordinary, our service is prompt and our compounds absolutely guaranteed to be pure.



Acetylenes -- for use as precursors in organic synthesis



Anthracenes -- Functionalized anthracenes and anthraquinones

Aromatic Amines -- substituted aryl amines

Aromatic Hydroxyketones

Aryl Acetylenes

Aryl Iodides -- Most of these iodides have multiple functionalities and are perfect precursors for organic chemists starting a multistep synthesis. Please check other categories for more specialized iodides.

Aryl Iodides w/Carbonyl Substituents -- aryl iodides prepared with aldehyde substituents. These molecules with multiple functionalities are attractive precursors for all synthetic chemists.

Aryl Nitriles -- aryl nitriles and benzyl nitriles.


Benzeneamines (Anilines)

Benzenemethanols (benzyl alcohols)

1,2-Benzenediamine (o-phenylenediamines) 

Benzoic acids and derivatives 

Benzothiophene and Isothiazoles -- this group includes several substituted aryl halides.

ß-Keto Carbonyls -- a wide variety of ß-keto carbonyls. In addition, several molecules in this category contain a cyano group between the two carbonyls.

Borates -- includes triphenylbutyl and tetraphenyl borates derivatized with various chromophores and polymerizable groups, etc. They can be used as coinitiators for Norrish Type II photoinitiators in place of amine synergists as a way to improve polymerization rates.


Cyclopropeniums -- can be used as cationic thermal initiators.

2,3-Dimethylbenzenes -- includes 1,4-dibromo-2,3-dimethylbenzene.

Dioxolanes -- masked carbonyls are the perfect precursor for multistep synthesis.

Glyoxylates & Oxalates


Indoles & Miscellaneous Aromatic Compounds 

Iodoanisoles & Iodophenols -- a wide variety of iodinated phenols and anisoles

Leucodyes -- an extensive array of leucodyes including leucobases and leuconitriles of crystal violet, malachite green, basic fuchsin, victoria pure blue, rhodamine 6G, and many others. These dye precursors are useful in various areas of photoscience, including color-on-demand formation.






Pyrazoles & Tetrazoles

Xanthene & Fluorone Dyes -- a number of specialty xanthene/fluorone dyes as well as xanthone precursors. Includes some of Spectra Group's line of visible light photoinitiators -- H-Nu 470, H-Nu 535, and H-Nu 635.


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